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Obvious Mistakes

As a team leader who also writes code I have to worry about code several times over. The coding standards we adhere to – they must be disciplined but not overbearing or pernickety Every line of code the team writes

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So you want to write BDD tests?

Before you can write BDD tests, you probably need to know what they are. Short answer – BDD tests try to black-box test something according to its behaviour. One of the most common languages is Gherkin. In principle, Gherkin is

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How to make your Unit Tests harder

This is written about JUnit in Java, but much of this applies to other test frameworks. I’m going to tell you a bunch of ways to screw up your tests. You can probably guess how to write better ones –

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How to Learn a Language

I received some marketing email relating to a Java programming course from The email contained this (probably made up) horror story. so I’ve been learning java for over 3 years. and I’ve given up due to feelings over sadness

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A SureFire Classpath Fail!

Sadly, even the best plugins can work against you. We’ve been having a problem recently with Spring, Maven and SureFire. Specifically, it seemed that some of our unit tests ran absolutely fine with Spring and properties files when run via

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