Get Out!

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If you’re writing a function, don’t spend your time hanging around in it. Once your code can return, just return. Given functions are short, having a couple of return points is not a big deal. We’ve dealt with that before.

In particular, let’s drill down to a common example of not doing this:

// default set here, but returned at the end
let answer = 'undecided';

if (input !== '') {
  if (input === 'yes') {
     // two levels of nested and still setting
     // a variable for later
     answer = 'yes please';
  } else {
     answer = 'no thank you';

// single exit point - no idea
// what value will be here
return answer;

As you can see there’s our old nemesis the hanging temp variable and there’s the return of a default as well as return of a correct value. Worse than that, there’s a lot more indentation than you really need.

IntelliJ can flip the logic of an if statement, so you can start the ball rolling by doing that. Then may the if leading to the default just return the default… and then work on the rest of the function.

You end up with something like this, which I think is way cleaner!

// this is a get out early
if (input === '') {
  return 'undecided';

// this is a specific case with a specific answer
if (input === 'yes') {
  return 'yes please';

// this is a default
return 'no thank you';

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