The Developer’s Oath


As a developer I aspire to…

  • Write clean code supported by automated tests
  • Find the quickest way to complete my work without skipping a detail
  • Find the least amount of scope that’s necessary to achieve the goal without short-changing the end user
  • Give and receive helpful feedback during peer review, providing answers to review comments, not rebuttals, and providing observations and suggestions, not criticism
  • Maintain high standards for myself and hold others to them

…but I will choose wisely when not to.

As a developer I will avoid…

  • Leaving the software messier or more complex than I found it after a change
  • Adding software to a poorly understood area without gaining the necessary understanding
  • Expanding the scope of my work to solve enormously unrelated problems
  • Making continuous improvement someone else’s problem
  • Procrastination relating to bugs or technical debt I have just created

…but I will accept when that’s not a reasonable use of my time.



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