Double Decker Config

What I always say is double the configuration, double the love.

A quick message from the trenches here. I just tried to add some report archiving for a test pack we run. I used an example from the internet, and checked against a local run for the location of the test report – /target/site/serenity for those of you who like to know that sort of thing.

All looked easy enough, but the report still didn’t appear where I expected it when run on our CI server (Jenkins, obvs).

Double checking the build script, I found an override of the target directory, along with some extra info showing how the target directory could be overridden.

Double or Quits

So of course, I could just amend my exporter to pick up the reports from the custom config directory.

Or I could, instead, move everything back to defaults so that my original expected directory – the one of least surprise – was the right one.

General rule of thumb. If one special config causes other special configs to have to happen… for no obvious reason… unconfig things back to the conventional default!

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