Why I’m Embracing a Small Change

As a man entering the proper depths of middle age, change is generally something I instinctively resist, especially when it involves taking the familiar and changing it to the unfamiliar with seemingly no additional benefit.

The other day, we made the decision to adopt GitHub’s new branch naming convention for the central branch of a GitHub repository. master is no more, all hail main.

I’ll tell you now, before I explain why it’s a good idea, it’s definitely going to ignore me as I perpetually fight muscle memory!!!

However, how big a deal is it to use main as the name of a branch, other than having to do it consciously for a while? Not really a big one… technically, it’s even less to type!

Why change?

The reasons against master are simple and two fold:

  • A master implies a slave all of which seems to gloss over a rather horrific period in human history, as well as make light of modern-day slavery practices
  • master is a gendered term, which seems pretty unkind to be using in an industry already suffering from a horrific gender imbalance

And there are counter arguments about the above… but what do those counter arguments boil down to? They boil down to “Why should I change just to please them“.

Who are they?

If they are kind, well-intentioned people who are trying to make the world a better place, then why be the stick in the mud?

If they are the victims of the above concerns… then shame on you…

To be honest, the hardest part for me, and maybe for many others, is just “Why should I change?”. Never mind the reasons… change is hard… we can externalise the blame to people around us if we want, but it’s fundamentally our own problem. Adapting to and adopting change takes effort.

Embracing change is the way that the world, especially the technology one, moves forward.

So whether I’m doing my bit for a kinder IT landscape, or whether I’m keeping my aging soul limber by embracing change, it’s probably for the best.

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