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Obvious Mistakes

As a team leader who also writes code I have to worry about code several times over. The coding standards we adhere to – they must be disciplined but not overbearing or pernickety Every line of code the team writes

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How to make your Unit Tests harder

This is written about JUnit in Java, but much of this applies to other test frameworks. I’m going to tell you a bunch of ways to screw up your tests. You can probably guess how to write better ones –

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How to Learn a Language

I received some marketing email relating to a Java programming course from The email contained this (probably made up) horror story. so I’ve been learning java for over 3 years. and I’ve given up due to feelings over sadness

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A SureFire Classpath Fail!

Sadly, even the best plugins can work against you. We’ve been having a problem recently with Spring, Maven and SureFire. Specifically, it seemed that some of our unit tests ran absolutely fine with Spring and properties files when run via

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When you want to disable a slow running test

A quick one. The code for this is here on GitHub. When testing your software with automated unit tests, you want to be thorough to get code coverage and genuinely cover system behaviour, yet some of the things you want

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Multi Module Maven Builds, Code Coverage and Sonar

I love SonarQube for its potential. The reality of it is somewhat different, you need a byzantine series of configurations to make it play nicely with Jenkins, Maven and Jacoco. It gets more difficult when you have a multi module

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Handy Tips and Tricks For Finding Linux Disk Usage

I’ve no idea how I know that df -h is how you find disk free space… if you want to do more directory based stuff, then this blog is for you: I’m glad they wrote it so I don’t

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