Multi Module Maven Builds, Code Coverage and Sonar

I love SonarQube for its potential. The reality of it is somewhat different, you need a byzantine series of configurations to make it play nicely with Jenkins, Maven and Jacoco. It gets more difficult when you have a multi module build – i.e. a parent pom with modules set up in it.

I’m not going to claim any ownership for the decent how-to on this. The amazing David Valeri in has nailed this issue. Here is a quick summary of what you need to look out for:

  • You probably run your integration tests using the failsafe runner rather than surefire
  • If multiple projects have different bits of integration test, you’ll need to configure the jacoco plugin so that it shares a single jacoco.exec file across all modules
  • If one of your projects is an integration test project (our case) you just need to know where jacoco will write its output
  • In the parent pom.xml you will create a property for sonar to tell it where to find the integration test coverage report
  • Paths, especially once jenkins gets involved, can be complex

If you get it right, it works a treat.

See the linked post for details. Kudos to David!



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